Andrew James Dollaghan 6/26/1986-11/16/2008
Andrew was born to parents Judi Dollaghan and Brian Stanley.  His life was filled with great happiness, adventure, and the love of family and many friends.  Andrew, or AJ, as many called him, loved to play baseball, soccer, basketball, and roller hockey as a young boy.  Andrew also LOVED to fish!  In high school he played soccer, basketball, and even lettered in swimming!  Andrew attended one year at Ralston Valley High School in Arvada and graduated from Legacy High School in Broomfield in 2004. 
After graduating from high school, Andrew entered into a career in sales.  Working as a salesperson for Car Toys, Andrew was recognized as a top producer with many awards and promotions.  Prior to his car accident, Andrew was on his way to a successful management career with Car Toys.  We always joked that Andrew "could sell water to the ocean" because he was so good at closing every deal, especially with reluctant customers.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that he was 6'7" and known to many as a gentle giant!
Although he was taken far too early from his family and friends who loved him so much, Andrew's legacy will carry on in the lives of the recipients who are awarded scholarships through The Power of One Charity.  We hope that our tragic loss will help others in need.  Thank you for your support, love, and friendship during the most difficult time in our lives.
Christopher Duane Schmittel-Yates  6/24/88-12/12/10
Chris grew up in New Jersey and moved to Colorado when he was 16.  As a young boy, he enjoyed playing with his brother and sisters, Rich, Lori, and Britni.  Chris liked to play army, play baseball, swim, and ride his big wheel.  Later in his life, he became passionate about cooking, snowboarding, the Yankees, and his dog, Blaze.  He also enjoyed football, camping, and music.  Chris graduated from Arvada West High School, moved to Vail for a short time before returning to Denver to pursue an education in law at Metro State College.
Chris became a father in February 2010.  He loved his daughter, Talya, and was a wonderful and loving father to her in their short time together.  Chris passed away at the very young age of 22 in December 2010.  He is loved and missed greatly by his family and friends.  As his family, we would like to thank you all for letting us share pieces of his life with you.  Thank you for also contributing to, sponsoring, and supporting The Power of One Charity and its purpose to help other young graduates empower their future.
Kayla Lynn Lower  10/23/88-12/17/2009
Kayla Lynn Lower was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to parents Lori and Paul Lower, where she lived the first three years of her life.  The family then moved to Houston, Texas with Kayla and her newborn brother, Ryan.  Kayla was full of life from the beginning.  She never stopped for very long because she didn't want to waste a moment of her life.  She played softball for several years, participated in competitive gymnastics, and was a Girl Scout.  Kayla graduated from Cypress Creek High School, in Cypress, Texas and attended a local community college following high school.  While attending college, Kayla also worked as a site director for the YMCA at a local elementary school.  She had such a special gift with children and was truly loved by each and every child she came in contact with over the years at YMCA.  Kayla's last day with her students at the YMCA was filled with fun and laughter!
On the night of December 16, 2009, Kayla eagerly awaited a party she had planned for months.  Her mom, Lori, recalls how excited Kayla was and how beautiful she looked when she left the house.  On that night, the lives of the Lower family and friends were changed forever.  Kayla was killed in a tragic car accident in the early morning of December 17, 2009.  The Lower family will continue to celebrate Kayla's beautiful life by supporting recipients who are awarded scholarships through The Power of One Charity.
Jessica VanMatre Schatz  10/29/75-3/21/05
Jessica Ellan VanMatre was born in Greeley, CO, to parents Barry and Stephanie.  She was a 'red headed' beauty and was special from the day she was born in that she was the first child/grandchild and the only Colorado native in her family.  Jessica took the role of older sister with great pride when she welcomed her baby sister, Shady, to the family.  Jessica graduated from Northglenn High School and attended UNC for a short while.
Jessica married the love of her life, Darren Schatz, and moved to North Dakota.  The family knew it was 'really love' because Jessica was not fond of cold weather at all!  While in North Dakota, Jessica earned a degree in Early Childhood Education at Minot State University.  She and Darren also welcomed their first child, Benjamin James, to their family.
Jessica and Darren returned to Denver in October 2001.  Jessica planned to pursue a teaching career.  On January 5, 2002, our lives were forever changed when Jessica was diagnosed with colon cancer and twelve days later diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  Throughout her illness, Jessica focused her time and attention on 'making memories' with her precious Ben.  Jessica taught us all about courage, determination, persistence, and most of
Our family is honored to be part of The Power of One Charity.  Jessica so much wanted to teach.  It seems only fitting that these scholarships can help students follow their dreams.
Amber Anderson  3/22/89-4/5/91
Amber Lynne Anderson was Dan and Denice Anderson's first child.  Amber was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome which was a shock to Dan and Denice since they were both 23 years old when she was born.
Despite what some said, Amber thrived at home.  Although she was delayed in her learning,  Dan and Denice took her to physical therapy and preschool classes with other young children who had special needs.  Amber really had quite a strong personality and knew exactly what she wanted.  She learned some sign language to help her communicate so her wants and needs could be met.  Amber quickly learned the sign for ice cream because that was by far her favorite food! 
Amber was an inspiration to her entire family, from her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and all of her many cousins and is still inspiring them to this day.  Everyone learned a little something from Amber.  Although Amber's brothers, Jason and Zach, were not born until after Amber's death, they too have been inspired by their older sister and feel sadness of not ever getting to meet her.
One early March morning, Amber was rushed to the emergency room where it was discovered that Amber had Congenital Heart Disease.  After 2 long weeks at Children's Hospital, Amber's physical life here on Earth ended.  She is now and will forever be a Precious Angel.  The Power of One Charity is a charity to be recognized, appreciated, and supported.